Peter Ford

Peter Ford is currently Harnessing Technologies Manager (Schools) for Northamptonshire County Council. The main focus of the role is to ensure that the massive government investment in technologies translates into better learning for Northamptonshire’s learners.

Building Northamptonshire’s BLT (Better Learning using Technologies) Network aims to inspire and facilitate a sustainable ‘grassroots’ culture among educators and learners that leads to the sharing of ideas, inspiration and practical experiences of using technologies to make learning better.

Peter has always been an advocate of the power of blogs in education and was the world’s first educator to use a multi-user blogging platform to give primary pupils ownership of their own blogs. He also set up the first, dedicated free blogging service for educators. The school where he first introduced blogs and began blogging with his own pupils, is still blogging 10 years later!

He has worked – behind the scenes – with John Sutton over the past six years to build up the Creative Blogs community.

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