David Mitchell

David has a passion for real learning opportunities. Over the last 2 years, David has not only introduced blogging at Heathfield Primary School but has led the development of class blogging resulting in Heathfield becoming world leaders in edu-blogging. Heathfield Primary School was recently awarded the Toshiba ICT Award through the SSAT and David was awarded the Microsoft Innovative Teacher Award 2010 and the NAACE ICT Impact Award 2011  for his work on blogging and engaging pupils through Web2.0 tools. Writing result went from 9% Level 5 to 60% Level 5 in just 12 months that Year 6 class making 6.6 points progress per child on average (approx. 2 years progress). This was replicated with the 2011 leavers all making on average 6 points progress (again 2 years progress) in writing with 8 SEN pupils making on average 8 points progress. Engagement levels from pupils are at an all time high and the real audience pupils have stretch the globe. David has recently developed QuadBlogging which as of November 2011 has seen 500+ classes from 18 countries blogging in partnerships of 4.

David talks passionately about his subject, a fact which viewers of BBC Breakfast and BBC Northwest Tonight will have noticed when their cameras visited Heathfield recently.

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