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#sbmc11 is done. We hope you enjoyed the experience. We’d love to hear your comments, reflections, questions and criticisms about the day. Please leave a comment.

We’ll be uploading links, resources and Prezis over the next few days, so please check back.

Bill’s Presentation

Here is Bill’s PowerPoint from yesterday. Loads more information and resources on Bill’s Blog: http://lordlit.com

David’s Presentation:

More of David’s links he shared here.


  1. Claire Jones says:

    Thanks for a fantastic, informative and exciting day. The speakers were all excellent and I highly doubt anyone went away without a bag full of new ideas to share. Thanks for your time and effort in setting it all up and organising. Only comment would have been it would have been nice to have a bit more of an informal time for people to chat at the start like teach meet to get to know others perhaps? Great day though and am sure all inspired totake blogging to the next level.

  2. Thanks for organising today, it was very inspiring and a good balance of speakers. It was useful to allow me to reflect on how I use blogging and whether I have a clear vision for how I am going to be using it going forward. I would have liked a little more of sharing time and possible a little how to time on how to set up and manage children as class blog contributors.

    Thanks again to all speakers particularly interesting to see in person the passion from the all.


  3. Nick Speller says:

    Thanks for a super day. For something as ‘simple’ as Blogging there is still plenty to think about. Audience is key and I love the idea of Quad-Blogging but wonder whether local networks might also be a good way of supporting blogging. Pupils can comment AND staff can meet up to chat through and refelect on the process and things that work and don’t work. I guess my next challenge might to be to facilitate such a network around Oxfordshire…

  4. Ed Newton says:

    In a negative time for teachers what a positive, inspiring day. Just what I needed. Four of us sat down afterwards and talked about the future of ICT, Literacy and general learning at our school. We went home and started mailing and tweeting, then we arranged to meet up and plan the future with blogging as a big part of what we and more importantly what the children do. Three fabulous, inspiring bloggers, examples of how it works from other bloggers. I for one am fully onboard and feel true excitement about the future for children’s writing and their audience.
    Genuinely, thank you.

  5. What a fantastic day with some of the most inspirational speakers I have listened to in quite some time. It was great to have the opportunity to reflect on our own blogging experiences, hear from others who are using it in similar ways, and more importantly, to see its potential to make a real difference to engage children in their own learning. I came away buzzing with ideas to share with my staff, having planned a training day in my head, and desperate to try out some ideas for getting the children blogging for themselves. Thanks for such a refreshing and motivating day.

  6. Matt Fothergill says:

    Thank you for an excellent day. I picked up so many insprirational tips and have been contemplating what to do next – I don’t know where to start! As a school, we’ve been blogging for just over a term and I now have a clearer picture of where we should be heading. I’ll be feeding back to other staff at school as much as I can remember and I’ll be blogging “Live” from a lesson soon. My only regret is that I attended the Blogging Masterclass alone, as I know there are several colleagues who would have really benefitted from attending.
    Thanks again.

  7. Janette Ratcliffe says:

    Had a great and very inspiring day – it’s not hard to see how each of the presenters helped the children they worked with achieve as they were truely amazing. Came away with tons of ideas and raring to set a blog up for my class/ school. Even encouraged me to take up tweeting #wonderswillnevercease :o)

    Might have been idea to have an Idiots Guide to starting a blog session for those of us that have never tried? Or run this as a separate event??? Although I can appreciate this might be hard given how many experienced people there were.

    The only slight negative is that the seating at the venue was extremely limited on leg room making it quite uncomfortable to sit at for extended periods of time. Although the venue was COOL!

    May be harassing you on a fairly regular basis for help when I get it up and running :o)

  8. What a great day, sorry that I was only able to stay for the morning. Found Bill truly inspirational. Sorry i didnt show all of my blog but please have a look and see http://trinitylower.net
    What i love about blogging is that there are so many brilliant ways to use them, there is no wrong or right- just whats best for your school 🙂
    Craig Charteris (@charteris7)

  9. Zoe Hall says:

    I began the day a little scared to actually speak to people having very little experience of blogging and tweeting etc. However by the end I was so inspired by it all and just wanted to get home and get started. It showed me the power of blogging and what I could achieve in quite a short space of time to get up and running. I cannot wait to get my class started and know they are going to love it. We now have a team on board to show the rest of the staff just what blogging can do and I think it is going to change my approach to teaching. An amazing day, amazing speakers so thank you very much!

  10. Before Wednesday I knew the blogging could be useful to me and my class but couldn’t quite work out how. These sessions have given me more clarity and purpose of how I want to use them. It was a fantastic day with great examples and inspiring speakers.

    The time to work and talk with colleagues about how we plan to use it in our school was invaluable and has left us feeling extremely excited about getting started with the children.

    Wednesday morning I had no blog. Now I have 2, http://bpsyr5.primaryblogger.co.uk/ and http://misshwriting.primaryblogger.co.uk/(and a fledgling Twitter account) and hope to get the children commenting next week. Thank you so much for this inspiring day it was a welcome reminder what teaching is really about.

  11. Chris Leach says:

    Thank you for an inspiring day. It was great meeting up with some familiar faces from Twitter and has certainly left me enthused and keen to develop blogging at our school. I have been given time during INSET in January and I hope to spread that enthusiasm and inspiration for blogging here. As a result of the day we now have a blog for our Eco-Committee – whseco.wordpress.com and I have lots of ideas on how I can develop both my personal blog chrisleach78.wordpress.com and my ICT department blog – winchesterhouseict.wordpress.com

    Thanks once again to Bill, Peter, John and David – hope to collaborate with you all again in the future.

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